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Is it possible to use lenticular printing on fabric?

3D Lenticular fabric printing is when you take an image and 3D print it as a topographical map where the darker parts of the image are higher and the lighter parts of the image are lower.

The print process starts with a thick film screen, 200–400 microns printing high density or puff inks. These are 3d inks that will raise or puff when cured. The key is with a good quartz flash on the press you can flash this ink gently so it doesn’t puff up, but is dry enough to print on top of. Split the lines of the lenticular art with one print on the left half of the line and a totally different print on the right half of the vertical puff line. These can be the same colors of ink, or different colors of ink, the designs should be totally different art. So one design is on the left half of a vertical puff line, the other design is on the right half of a vertical puff lines so that each vertical line contains either a left or right image. 

When cured the viewing angle, left or right, will change the art showing since one side will be visually blocked by the 3d vertical base print lines and the other will be visible. This effect is not quite as dramatic as the plastic 3d lenticular photograps, but it does provide an interesting look. The base print is key, one screen may not be enough. You may need several layers of dimensional inks to create a stacked pyramid with sloping sides to get the most dramatic lenticular effect.

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