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  • TPU Logo Clothing Labels
TPU Logo Clothing Labels

TPU Logo Clothing Labels

  • Product description: All TPU clothing labels are created of the highest-quality and eco-friendly materials. As a supplier, we can create promotional TPU clothing labels and patches in any shape or size and we offer a vari

TPU clothing label series, with ultra-high elasticity and strong resilience, stretching tension up to 200% - 500% (depending on thickness), tested at - 38 ℃ - + 138 ℃, still maintain good elasticity and flexibility. In line with European and American export standards, 100% of TPU raw materials used are imported from Taiwan, Germany, Japan, the United States and other raw materials. After testing, it is harmless to human body, which will not cause sensitivity. Its advantages are light, thin and soft, and it is suitable for various purposes.

Common varieties are: transparent, frosted, printed, gilded, oil powder, logo and so on hundreds of styles. Can also be customized according to customer requirements.

TPU logo clothing label has been introduced into works by many international fashion masters, becoming the latest fashion element and gradually replacing the traditional trademark.

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