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  • Flocking labels
Flocking labels

Flocking labels

  • Product description: The 3D flock labels is popular for club teams and leagues for crests and patches. This method allows for a high detail imagery to be recreated in a 3-dimensional fashion with flock materials that are


1). Eco-friendly;

2). With self-adhesive, Easily to be transferred;

3). With flock effect and be washable.


Easily transferred by iron.

Use: Transfer temperature: 130-150 degree
Transfer time: 10-15 seconds
Peeling way: cool peeling
Flock technics has strong 3D effect. mixture colors.

When it Works Best

3D flock patches and crests work best for large clubs and league looking for a multi-color representation of their brand. A minimum of 200 patches/crests is required for this method.

Tip:The picture above is for your reference, we are in a position to accept orders against customers samples, specified design, specifications .

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