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  • Heat Transfer TPU Labels
Heat Transfer TPU Labels

Heat Transfer TPU Labels

  • Product description: Heat Transfer TPU Labels of our company have excellent material extensibility, up to 2-6 times (depending on thickness), better physical property and better elasticity than rubber. Its advantages of l

Heat transfer Labels (also known as HEAT SEAL and TAG LESS) are one of the most popular labels in the apparel market.From simple camp labels through name labels, swimwear, athletic, dancewear, lingerie, babywear to a brand label, heat transfers have become the "I want it now" product.

Features and advantages:

1. Transparent and colorless, no need to consider color matching.

2. The fine abrasive particles on the surface make the hand feel smooth and the sewing process is smooth, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

3. Good elasticity and strong resilience, which can keep the clothes from deformation for a long time and show the natural lines.

4. Soft, light, thin and flexible.

5. Good biosolubility, and no allergic reaction to skin.

6. Wear-resistant, acid-base and washable, with a service life of up to 5 years.

7. Keep the original specification and elongation after several dry cleaning or water.

8. Environment-friendly, non-toxic, incinerable, buried in soil and decomposed naturally.

9. Excellent weather resistance, which is tested at -38c to + 138c, still maintains good flexibility and flexibility

10. In compliance with European and American export standards, we can provide samples for you to test.

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