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  • Reflective TPU Patch
Reflective TPU Patch

Reflective TPU Patch

  • Product ID:50701
  • Product description: Welcome to send design to customize your customized reflective TPU patches. We can produce all kinds of tpu patches according to your design, Our tpu badges are affordable and easy for you.

Product features of tpu patch:

  • Pay attention to the fixed temperature of about 150 ℃
  • The time of professional hot stamping machine is controlled in 8-12 seconds
  • Domestic iron time 15-20 seconds

The whole roll of seamless lattice reflective material breaks through the limit of sheet material
Product structure: PVC fabric, suitable for high cycle processing and forming
UV resin constitutes micro prism crystal, which is hard without scratch and has higher refractive index
UV coating technology, more uniform reflection
Highlight reflectance: the reflectors are all 400cpl bright, which can reflect conspicuously at 200m away, and have passed EN471 certification
Cold resistance: below - 30 ℃, extremely cold resistance, no cracking and flexibility under extremely low temperature
Environmental protection: non toxic environmental protection PVC raw material, certified by European Union EN71
Thickness: 0.15mm-0.30mm optional


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